Baptist-Henry Senkfor, Liz Riley, Alex Wood
Baptist Hymn-


1- What-

    • Baptists believe that only Christian believers should be baptized and that the baptism should occur by complete or half immersion rather than sprinkles of water
    • Also they believe in a communion where the follower receives the blood (wine) and body (bread) of Christ
      • What is a baptism- the sacramental rite which admits a candidate to the Christian Church. Necessity of a spiritual regeneration of water and the spirit
    • Not happy with other religions because of the different views on baptisms.
      • Other Protestant religions believe in sprinklings of water or different methods of baptisms

2- Who-
  • There is no single “founder"- just a group of people that started preaching
    • Many leaders that are associated with the rise of the forms of baptists
    • Two notable individuals
      • John the Baptist was the first man to perform a baptism- gave baptism to jesus
      • Notable preacher who gave baptisms at the Jordan River
      • Gospel
      • "He went into all the region around the Jordan, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins."
      • John Smyth- one of the first to found the baptist church/minister of first baptist church

3- When and where originally founded-
    • 16th century England (reformation of England)
    • Church of England (formed Christian communities with local autonomy)
4- When in America-
    • Early 17th century
    • Most significant growth in the mid-18th century during the Great Awakening (religious revival)

5- Why-
    • People of other Protestant religions (Lutherans, Calvinists, Presbyterians) had beliefs about the fact that every one should get a baptism
6- Where is it most popular now-
    • Most popular in the south.
    • Popular outside of the United Sates (Asia, Africa, South America, and the British Isles mostly)
      • Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma (30-34% of population)
    • Popular among the southern states because after the Civil Rights Movement, many southerners wanted baptisms, and many African Americans were in the south at the time
    • Further, since most of the slavery was in the south, more African Americans were in the south
      • The reason Baptists are so popular among African Americans is during slavery, the African Americans would go to baptist churches to pray, have fun, and talk about the rough times.
7- Now-
    • Baptists church teach off the scripture
    • Strange fact- Some Baptist churches are still segregated because after the Civil Rights Movement, the Baptists found it against god to force the Baptists to desegregate
      • Vary greatly from conservative to liberal (socially and politically)

Steps to performing a (emergency) baptism
  1. Must have right intentions-very serious, no playing
  2. The candidate formally agrees
  3. Candidate states name
  4. Candidate abandonment of Satan and Evil
  5. Baptizer blesses the water
  6. Candidate professes faith (belief in Jesus, god, etc)
  7. As you fully dunk child, say, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit/Ghost
  8. Wrap in white robe (signifying the rebirth and representing Jesus’ beginning)Baptism


15 things Baptists believe in:
  1. Baptists believe the Bible is perfect
  2. Baptists preach and Teach only the Bible
  3. Baptists believe the Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all sins of all time, was buried, and then rose
  4. Baptists believe all people are born sinful and separated from God!
  5. Baptists believe a person who is saved (born again) by God’s grace is eternally secure in His Care
  6. Baptists believe in a literal heaven, and a literal hell
  7. Baptists believe if a person rejects Jesus Christ, and trusts instead in their religion, or their good efforts, that person will not earn heaven, but end up in hell
  8. Baptists believe when a person is saved from sin and hell, they are to be baptized in water by full immersion, not by
  9. Baptists believe Baptism is nothing more than our obedience to God’s word
  10. Baptists believe Jesus Christ is coming again very soon
  11. Baptists reject experiences (miraculous or otherwise) when contrary to God’s word.
  12. Baptists worship God as a Trinity
  13. Baptists reject the worship of any other being
  14. Baptists believe every born again believer is equal in the sight of God because of the power of Christ’s salvation
  15. Baptists believe the Christian life is one of complete obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ

At the First Baptist Church in Shaker Heights Ohio, the Pastor explains what the church believes in of different things.
God: They believe that God is the creator and supports of all that there is. That God loves us unconditionally, the way a parent would love their child, and desires to live in relationship with human creation.
Jesus: They believe that God has been revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus; that in Jesus, God came not to condemn but to save the entire world; that he came to lead us to a path that strayed away from the self-destructive path of sin and shame, to have a rich, abundant and everlasting life. They believe the way to that transformed life is in relationship with Jesus.
Holy Spirit: God/Jesus is present and available to us through the Holy Spirit; for guidance, direction, empowerment, wisdom, comfort, edification and strength. Through the Spirit, God gives each one gifts and abilities to be used to have God with them on earth.
The Bible: They believe the Bible to be the devoted word of God. They believe that the Bible did not drop out of the sky. That it was written by people for people. The people who did write it were inspired people who wanted to tell stories and pass on oral traditions, so they sat down and wrote those things with a pen and paper. The Bible came from real people in real places at real times. Although, decisions have to be made about what things in the Bible means today. They believe that ultimate show of our respect for the sacred words of God is that we are willing to take in and wrestle with the text – the good parts, the hard-to-understand parts, the parts we wish weren’t there. Everything.
Their Calling: They believe that their calling is to love God with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength; and to love their neighbor as they would love themselves. This allows the church to help out the community locally and even globally

external image 23-1-im-Image-1189.jpg

Some major differences between Southern Baptist and Independent Baptist:
1. Unlike the Southern Baptist, the Independent Baptist do not have a national headquarters or convention.
2. Independent Baptist handle their own financial affairs where as the Southern Baptist have to give a percentage of their income to the Cooperative Program.
3. In the past several decades Southern Baptist have moved towards liberalism. Meaning, the
unbiblical practice of having women deacons and pastors, contemporary music, worldliness and a lack of biblical separation.
4. Most Independent Baptist churches strictly devote to the teaching of the New Testament and remain separated from liberalsm,
and worldliness.

U.S. Statistics:

Table 1
Baptist, Evangelical Protestant Churches (EPC) 26.3% and Mainline Protestant Churches (MPC) 18.1%
Name of Denominations

Percentage of People in the U.S.
Southern Baptist Convention
Independent Baptist in the Evangelical Tradition
Baptist Missionary Association
Free Will Baptist
General Association of Regular Baptists
Other Baptist denomination in the Evangelical Tradition
Baptist in the Evangelical Tradition, not further specified
American Baptist Churches in the USA
Other Baptist denomination in the Mainline Tradition
Baptist in the Mainline Tradition, not further specified

Table 2
Percentage in the U.S.
Evangelical Protestant Churches
Mainline Protestant Churches
Historically Black Churches
Other Christian
Other World Religions
Other Faiths
Don't Know/Refused
±0.6% margin of error, based on 35,556 cases
Note: Not all religious compositions and their denominations are posted in these tables. To see all traditions in relation to others see the link below.


  • Pertaining to the tables above: "The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey completed telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of 35,556 adults living in continental United States telephone households. The survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI). Interviews were done in English and Spanish by Princeton Data Source, LLC (PDS), and Schulman, Ronca and Bucuvalas, Inc. (SRBI), from May 8 to Aug. 13, 2007. Statistical results are weighted to correct known demographic discrepancies." (The Pew Forum On Religion and Public Life).

World Statistics:
*The following chart shows the population of Baptists within regions of the world.

Baptist Growth:
"In 1852 there were a bit over 1,100,000 Baptists with 900,000 of them in the United States. Only 4 ½ percent of the Baptist population resided outside the British Isles and the United States. A bit over 50 years later in 1904, the Baptist population had jumped to over 6 million but still only 5 ½ percent of all Baptist resided outside these two areas. In 1995 the Baptist membership is over 37 million with over 23 percent living outside Great Britain and the United States. At present rates of growth, this percentage should soon reach 25 percent. Baptists have also become increasingly multi-racial. About 30 percent of the Baptist population are members of the Black race, while 7 ½ percent are Asiatic, and 4 ½ percent are of Latin origin...
Baptists are one of the best represented Protestant bodies in the world, found in about 180 countries and territories. In the Western Hemisphere Baptist churches stretch from Nome, Alaska to southern Chile and in Europe from Lisbon to Moscow and across Eurasia to the Kamchatka peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. In Africa there is even a Baptist church at Timbukto in Mali and in such cities in Asia as Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Ulan Bator, Mongolia; and Pokhara, Nepal. 3 In Europe there is a recently organized Baptist church in Tirana, Albania, and there are Baptists on St. Helena, site of Napoleon’s exile and 1,200 miles off the west coast of Africa in the South Atlantic. On the other hand, not all Baptists have shown the same rate of growth everywhere and are not particularly well distributed. In some areas they have even experienced loss and in some places do not exist." (Albert W. Wardin, Jr.)

Contemporary Topics
See this link for a cool new perspective on abortion. This clip I believe is over one hour long, but is an amazing video I encourage you to watch. The segment is done in St. Louis at Urbana in 2009. The video was aired in 2010.
The Southern Baptist Convention

"...initially called for legislation in 1971 that would allow for the possibility of abortions under such conditions as rape, incest, clear evidence of severe to fetal deformity, and carefully ascertained evidence of the likelihood of damage to the emotional, mental, and physical health of the mother. In 1976, the convention changed its position to oppose abortions used as a means of birth control. In 1980, the convention strengthened its position by supporting legislation and/or a constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion except to save the life of the mother. In recent years the Southern Baptist Convention has taken an active leadership role in supporting pro-life legislation, including backing the PBA Ban Act and opposing FOCA and other pro-abortion measures. The convention has also developed a broad range of pro-life educational material for all levels, including a comprehensive pro-life Sunday school curricula and materials for Sanctity of Life Sunday in January." (Ernest L. Ohlhoff)
American Baptist Churches
"...leaves abortion policy to local churches and individuals. A resolution adopted in 1988, updated in 1994 and accepted as current policy, "acknowledges diversity of ... convictions within our fellowship," making no distinction between those w
ho believe that human life begins at conception (with the consequence that abortion is immoral), and those who believe it can be morally a
cceptable based on "compassion and justice." This relativism gives no protection to the unborn child, and little guidance to women and men who must live with the consequences of their choice." (Ernest L. Ohlhoff)

American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.

"Recognizing the different views on abortion among its members, the American Baptist Churches' General Board encourages women and couples considering the procedure "to seek spiritual counsel as they prayerfully and conscientiously consider their decision." Though the board opposes abortion "as a primary means of birth control," it does not condemn abortion outright." (The Pew Forum On Religion and Public Life).

Independent Bible Churches and Evangelical Churches

"...have usually maintained a pro-life position based on biblical teaching. Since these churches are not part of formal associations or structures, they do not have denominational statements or resolutions on the abortion issue. But the great majority would support pro-life legislation and oppose continued abortion on demand." (Ernest L. Ohlhoff).

Homosexuality and Gay Marriage
Gay marriage is a widely discussed and very controversial topic. Some Baptists Church advocate gay marriage, while others forbid it. A majority, however, find it sinful, as it goes against the teachings of the bible

Number of Baptists during the recession
When the recession hit, the number of Baptists decreased. As of June 10, 2011, the lowest number of Baptists ever were recorded in the United States. In 2009, almost 350,000 Baptists were in the United States, but in 2011, just over 330,000 Baptists were recorded.

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